2015-2016 Scholarship of Excellence Details

Mile High Roofing and Gutters LLC is offering a $1500.00 scholarship open to all students who are currently enrolled or will be enrolling in the 2015-2016 school year.

Students must submit an email to Scholarship@milehighroofingandgutters.com following the rules outlined below in option 1 or option 2

Options 1

A short essay explaining why sustainable energy is needed for a bright future. Please include what technology (Wind,Solar,Hydro,etc) you think will be most instrumental in transitioning the United States off of fossil fuels. The technology can be a current or a future design.

Option 2

A short essay explaining the impact that someone important has had in your life. Examples might be a Parent, Mentor, Sibling or good friend.

In either option please include students full Name, School and semester they will be attending, and a mailing address. Please make sure mailing address is valid as this is where the Scholarship will be mailed.

Emails and Mailing Address’s will be kept private and not sold or given away in any way.

Scholarship will be awarded by October 31, 2016 but may be awarded sooner. This page will be updated to reflect when a winner has been chosen.

Mile High Roofing and Gutters retains the option to publish the winning essay on its website!

Good luck and remember to always go to your classes!


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