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I have been installing rain gutters since 1995 and for years before opening Mile High Roofing and Gutters I ran and operated Lessards Gutters, which is a family owned and operated business that has been in around since 1979. My Dad still owns and runs Lessards Gutters and he taught us to be honest first and always do work that you are proud of. Keeping this family work ethic means we install craftsman grade gutters on your project which enables us to offer an industry leading (10 Year Warranty on all Gutter projects and repairs). We do the work right the first time so if you see us out again chances are its because you decided to add on to your existing project. We use top of the line products and offer a full line of gutter colors and sizes.

We specialize and are familiar with 5 inch and 6 inch seamless gutter systems as well as 7 inch commercial gutter. We offer all sizes of downspouts including 2×3, 3×4, 3 inch round, and 4 inch round. Commercial 4×5 and larger custom downspouts available upon request. Half round gutter with decorative or hidden hangers available depending on your style and needs. We also can do all of our products in Copper and Gavalume.

In areas that receive lots of snow and ice there is a “northern gauge”  gutter that is thicker than the “standard gutter” that is offered in warmer climates. Due to the extreme cold and inevitable freezing that happens every winter having your gutters sloped is more important than elsewhere. There are also other methods of keeping your gutter system working correctly such as ice breaks when ice potentially has a long way to fall. There is also a heated cable option to run at the edge of your roof line or in the gutters to keep whatever ice tries to form melted.

It is more important than ever in areas that freeze to keep your gutters cleaned out and functioning properly. Leaves travel a lot further than most people realize when they fall from trees. Many times leaf screens are needed even when you have no trees in your yard because your neighbor has trees that will travel into your gutters. Even living below a hill or mountain that has trees can be enough to stop up your system. If your gutters get leaves in them they will be washed along your gutters until they get to the hole that connects your downspout to your gutter. Small debris will generally wash right down your downspout but large leaves will dam up your downspout compromising your whole gutter system. Even if you have no large leaves that fall small twigs or even pine needles will over time stop up your downspouts. If your gutters are stopped up and allowed to freeze before being cleaned out it can cause big problems for you. Water will back up into the gutter and even onto and underneath your shingles.  The little bit of maintenance it takes to clean out your gutters or the preventive work of adding a protective leaf guard can really pay big dividends when it comes to keeping the inside of your home water free!

All gutter jobs have a $250 minimum so please keep that in mind when requesting an estimate. Payment is due at time of service but please ask about our financing options if you are interested in breaking up your payment into two or three installments.

Aurora Gutters Example 1

A beautiful Aurora gutter example with yellow wood siding

This Aurora home had existing gutter that were installed without proper drainage which caused them to become leaky and rusty over time. We turned an eyesore into a beautiful functional rain gutter system.

Aurora Gutter example 2

Aurora Gutter example with custom gutter hinges

You can see that this downspout was quite high and had some trim work that we had to work around. The original installer used standard elbows creating a 11 inch gap in between the downspout and the house instead of the 1 inch gap you see here. Our extensive experience allows for custom solutions for your custom Denver or Aurora project.

Aurora Gutter example 3

Aurora Gutter flat roof example black

This was an extension to an existing home and had a flat roof. The homeowner wanted to minimize the downspouts you see in the front of the house which is our basic installation technique to keep the aesthetics looking as high end as possible. We pre drill all of our anchors used when installing on brick to minimize damage and maximize the life of your project.

Aurora gutters example 4

You can see that this Aurora home had a large structure close to the house requiring extra care. We are use to working around your home with care to minimize and damage to your things. During your estimate we will let you know if there is anything we can not move ourselves.

Denver Gutters Installed 2/27/2017

Denver Gutters

With home prices in Denver so high and always on the increase the practice of building up and out on existing property instead of moving into a new home is becoming increasingly popular. We can work with your builder as you see in this home to get your gutters on as soon as possible to prevent water damage! This gutter color is dark bronze and looks really good on many of the historic homes in Denver. Once this fascia and wall are painted this gutter system will blend in and look amazing.

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